Security for Your Business

ADT’s business protection slogan is, “to keep your business profitable it’s vital to keep it protected.” This is simple, but incredibly important. In today’s world it is important to keep all aspects of your life protected: your home, your car, your identity and internet persona, and ultimately your livelihood—your business. No matter the size of your business, if you work out of your home or are a part of a Fortune 500 corporation, a security system of some sort should always be installed and monitored.

There are a variety of ways to protect your business from break-ins, and many systems of varying in degree of protection sophistication. All businesses, even the small enterprises with limited budgets can afford a security system, and truthfully it is irresponsible to run a business without adequate protection. The most basic systems are affordable, while some systems offer the latest technology and can become pricey. Some features to consider include:

•    24 hour monitoring services so that your business is protected even while you are away or at home.
•     Conditions monitoring that alert when temperatures reach critically high temperatures signaling a fire or critically low threatening pipes to freeze, or raising water levels preventing floods in your business space.
•    Video surveillance that offers protection from intruders but also helps in monitoring employees and internal behavior.
•    Electronic Access Control only allows the employees on schedule access to the business at their certain times, protecting your business’ assets and who has access to them.
•    Radio Frequency Identification allows for automatic identification of people and items.

By protecting your business with a security system you will be able to leave work each day with peace of mind knowing your assets, supplies, and goods will be safe until the next day of business. Additionally, most insurance companies offer discounts for businesses that proactively protect themselves—leaving more money to increase profits!

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Social Networking—Keep Safe by Keeping Cautious

Social networking sites are addictively fun. Most of us are comfortable using at least one, if not a few, to keep in touch with friends both near and far, to update followers on our daily happenings, and to generally pass the time with new photos, statuses, and posts from others enjoying the web. Yet, with this wealth of information about our “friends”—many people with access to our  accounts are not actual real life acquaintances but friends of friends or legitimate strangers, privacy issues and security concerns are highly relevant. Be sure to be to cautious in how much and what types of information you share on sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIN, and the infinite variety of others. Here are some tips for staying safe while staying social:

  • Remember the web is public! Anyone and everyone has access to the information you post to online sources—even if you delete it. Once it is posted, the information cannot be taken back—others can save and send the information as they wish. Always think twice before adding anything new to your profiles.
  • Do not include sensitive personal information like addresses, birthdates, job descriptions, schedules or routines. You wouldn’t openly share this information with a stranger on the street, so why would you with someone on the web?
  • Use the site’s privacy settings to customize your page’s viewing access. Only allow people that you actually know and are comfortable with to see your page—you must set these settings yourself, the default for social networking sites is “public.”
  • Passwords should be strong and vary for accounts. Change them frequently so that your account and information cannot be hacked or used maliciously.
  • Be careful about answering questionnaires—while fun to fill out and send to friends, they also reveal information that many times is related to password and account creation for other sites. For example, many of the “Get to Known Me” questionnaires feature questions like: “What was your first pet’s name? Where did you go to high school?” and similar questions. Do these questions sound strikingly similar to the secret questions used to protect your online bank account, PayPal account, or other sensitive information? Very likely—and by answering that innocent questionnaire the savvy criminal just gained access to your most private accounts.
  • Status and Photo Updates are some of our favorite features of social networking sites, but don’t reveal too much! Telling people you are on vacation next week may be exciting and hard not to share, yet by doing so you have also left your house susceptible to break-in. You told the entire online public that your home will be empty for an entire week—perfect temptation for a thief. The same goes for posting pictures of your vacation while you’re still on vacation—now the thief has definite proof that you will not be home for the break-in!

Now, we all know you are probably on a social networking site while simultaneously reading this blog—which is totally acceptable. Stay social, but stay smart. Why not tweet or post a link in on your Facebook page to this page so that your friends can do the same!

Alarm Guard Security offers Home Video Surveillance Systems, CCTV security camera. Our Sony Authorized Home Security System experts help with a custom alarm system to protect your home.

Home Security Alarm System in Canada Is Devised To Protect Your Home

When many people think about a house security alarm system in Canada, they think about a thief security alarm system in Canada. While it’s true the primary purpose of a house security alarm system in Canada would be to safeguard your house as well as your possessions from criminals, this isn’t the only real purpose of security alarm system security alarm system in Canada. Because the title security alarm system in Canada suggests, the machine is devised to safeguard your house including safeguarding your house from damage because of fires.

Because of this, lots of people possess a smoke recognition system associated with their house security alarm system in Canada. This can seem a security and alert the control station if smoke is detected. Another feature that lots of people want to incorporate to their security alarm system in Canada is some motion sensors. These motion sensors behave as another type of defense in your home security alarm system in Canada.