ADT Home Security Offers enhance Your Smile This Christmas

ADT Security is a home security provider based in the United States, but also services many other countries around the world. ADT Security makes it their mission to always be there when their customers need help by providing real-time assistance and 24/7 support. ADT will install your home security system for you and can remotely monitor everything from burglary to carbon monoxide levels in your home. The following is a review of the services ADT Security provides to its customers all around the world.

What ADT Security Can Do For You
ADT Security can remotely monitor carbon monoxide levels, burglary, fires, floods, and suspicious activities around your home and then contact both you and the local authorities in your area in real-time. While other home security providers may offer similar services, ADT Security will check in with you to ensure that you are safe and secure. In addition to home security, ADT Security can also monitor your business through surveillance cameras, alarms, and smoke detectors.

Extended Features
ADT features an easily accessible control panel that allows customers to monitor their home or business’s security by viewing individual alarms throughout the building. Through this control panel, customers can monitor where alarms are triggered in their home or business and contact ADT’s customer support staff at any time by phone, email, or instant message. This control panel can be accessed from almost any Internet-enabled device from anywhere in the world.

ADT provides video surveillance system, carbon monoxide detection, fire/smoke detection, and medical emergency services. For example, ADT’s Home Health service provides peace of mind to seniors and their caregivers by detecting falls or other injuries, heart attacks, and more. Through an easily accessible emergency bracelet or necklace, seniors can call for help at any time.

Remote Access

ADT Security provides all of its customers with several different ways to remotely monitor their home or business. For example, ADT Pulse allows customers to remote arm and disarm their security systems, monitor their video surveillance and carbon monoxide levels, and even control the temperature and lighting of their home from their smartphone, Internet-enabled computer, or iPad – from anywhere in the world. Customers can also check in on their home or business by calling ADT Security’s customer support.

Track Record

ADT Security has been in existence since 1874, when it was founded as the American District Telegraph Company (ADT). ADT then moved into the security industry in the 1890s and has been protecting its customers from burglars, fires, and other threats ever since. Today, ADT Security is rated America’s #1 home security provider and provides it services to dozens of countries around the world.


Keeping Your home Safe with Home Alarm Systems of Canada

Home alarm system in Canada goes beyond your expectation in supplying security to your house. Using this type of system a central monitoring station is approached over phone lines and police, medical and fire are informed in case of panic situation. Experienced and well-trained home security Canada experts are working 24 hrs each day in the convenient location. If there’s a burglar breach at your house they’ll be approached. You can be assured of that.

This really is 24 hour protection, 7 days per week. You’ll have properly trained, experienced experts safeguarding your family. You’ll be relieved from the worry that something bad can happen. With a well known company such as ADT protecting your loved ones, be assure that if an incident happens you’ll be protected 24 hrs each day, 7 days per week.

When it comes to protecting your family and assets, its very important to look for the best monitoring company in Canada. Its really not worth looking for cheap options when it comes to protecting your loved ones. If this involves protection, cost shouldn’t matter. You can’t put a cost on existence. Searching for a good security company to protect your home is an important task for all home owners and they should do their homework before selecting one. It can provide you with satisfaction in understanding that your family is secure. It’s also a great way to receive a decrease in home owners insurance. You can save money on Home owners Insurance too. It’s a win-win situation. Owning a brand new home security alarm will safeguard you, your loved ones and your belongings and save you money on home insurance too.

Access Control system, why must no company be around out?

It is obvious that no business can function without employees. However, in order to run the organization effectively,there is noway that one individual can be in every place at once. Nevertheless, they might want to keep track of who goes where within the establishment. An access control system helps immensely in accomplishing just that. One example would be if a small machine were installed beside the entry/exit doors and restricted access interior doorways. Entry cards registered with a special software would be given to any employees which would limit which doorways they are able to use and which they are not. Essentially, an access control system could save you money and safeguard your company from unauthorized access. The best is that if an employee leaves the company for any reason, no one has to stress about them returning the cards or not;it can simply be deactivated.

Of course there are many things to consider before purchasing an access control system, such as which doorways to restrict but all in all, it can make your company much simpler to handle a lot more efficient. But more importantly, it gives security and a well-deserved peace of mind.

CCTV Security Cameras in Calgary – The necessity of the hour

Whether you’ll need surveillance cameras for commercial purposes or wireless CCTV’s for huge parking lots, Alarm Guard Calgary offers a number of dependable Security Cameras. Our company is renowned and a well known in Calgary and across Canada for providing fast, reliable service. You may find other companies in Calgary who offer services to setup home security systems and surveillance cameras, but Alarm Guard is definitely the top of the line, as proven by our happy customers.

CCTV Security Cameras in Calgary are an asset for the smallest homes to the average business to the biggest of commercial plants. It gets easier to know the whereabouts of employees, to prevent any type of robbery or mischief in addition to avoid accidents or other machinery disasters. Alarm Guard Calgary could provide this essential service for you and therefore provide you with the peace of mind you deserve.

A great advantage with all of this is that the technology is so advanced.This gives customers the access to a wide variety of types and sizes of cameras, such as some with special night vision features. Both public and private places, schools, houses and business are causing a high demand of security cameras in Calgary to reduce potential violence and misbehavior. The reason for this is that these systems have really reduced criminal activities to a large extent.

Privacy commissioner raises concerns about security camera plan

OTTAWA — An RCMP and House of Commons security proposal to more than double the number of video cameras on Parliament Hill, without warning the public it’s being watched, alarms the privacy commissioner, who says it’s an ironic symbol of how pervasive government surveillance is becoming.

The plan, part of a massive security overhaul, combined with the Harper government’s hotly debated Internet surveillance legislation contributes to a growing sense of unease among Canadians, Jennifer Stoddart said Thursday.

The privacy commissioner’s office saw a spike in complaints and an increase in data breaches at federal departments and institutions last year, according to Stoddart’s annual report.

She said she’s skeptical about the massive use of video surveillance, but her report underscores not only privacy but democratic concerns.

“We were concerned about the scope of the project and its potential impact on the privacy rights of parliamentarians, parliamentary staff, guests and visitors to Parliament Hill, and of those engaging in peaceful protests and assemblies,” said the report.

“According to the preliminary (privacy impact assessment) a deliberate decision was made to not post signs notifying individuals of video surveillance on Parliament Hill.”

There are already 50 cameras operating on the roofs of the Parliament Buildings, but security officials are proposing to install an additional 134 video cameras over the next three years and to monitor them on 24-7 basis.

“Any of these massive surveillance programs are a real infringement on citizens’ rights and have not necessarily proven their worth,” Stoddart said in an interview.

“There have been quite egregious misuses of video surveillance cameras in public places.”

She pointed to Quebec police, who were caught focusing the cameras outside the National Assembly on nearby hotel windows.

The RCMP was not immediately available to comment.

Stoddart renewed her criticism of Bill C-30, the Internet surveillance bill, which caused a firestorm of criticism in the House of Commons and across the country.

The bill is still in legislative limbo with justice officials reconsidering retooling it, but the privacy commissioner says it needs to be either completely “re-tailored” or scrapped.

“It needs an oversight and reporting mechanism minimally, (and) it needs a clear justification as to why this is the only way to go,” she said.

The commissioner’s office accepted 986 complaints in 2011-12, an increase of 39 per cent from the previous year, most of them directed at Corrections Canada, National Defence, the RCMP and Veterans Affairs.

In addition to her annual report, Stoddart tabled a separate privacy audit of Veterans Affairs, whose officials were caught in 2010 rifling through the medical files of an outspoken veterans advocate and stitching the private information into briefing notes.