Video Surveillance Remote to your iPhone or Android Device

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Video Surveillance Cameras has come a long way in the past decade or so. I remember a client from the late 80’s or early 90’s that was really excited to see his business operations on camera in slow scan via a telephone modem. From his vacation home in Florida, he could see how many trucks were loaded with finished product steel and left the facility each day. He could also view the production in the shop. It was great but it was slow viewing one frame at a time as the video scanned across the screen.

The present edition of high-speed real-time video is safely provided anywhere in the world over the internet to your iPhone or laptop. A recent set up provided the Company management opinions of 38 cameras from all over the place .

The new Honeywell HRG series of online DVRs is capable of putting multiple DVRs together as one system online. The views are available within the Company Network as well as online wherever they go. Access to the recording is available as well by searching the time, the date and camera view desired.

In addition to the economically priced HRG series Online DVR, Honeywell also has a great line of high quality cameras. One of the most popular outdoor cameras is the Honeywell HBD95S. This is an outdoor bullet camera with IR viewing over 100 feet with a 9-50mm telephoto lens. Even in the middle of the night the camera view is like viewing in daylight.

The Honeywell Video equipment not only performs well but is affordable and economically priced. video surveillance canada that provide best quality or HD.

From 4 to 64 cameras, give us a call. We have 35 years of experience in installing and servicing Video Surveillance systems.


Home Security System Glossary to Secure Your Home

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When it comes to discussing home security campanies Canada terminology, sometimes the language can be confusing. We’ve designed this page to help you get answers to your security questions and to help explain what certain security and safety terms mean. The better informed you are, the better prepared you’ll be to make decision regarding the security needs of your home and your family.

Burglar alarm: A loud warning signal produced by an electronic sound designed to alert the user, neighbors, home security monitoring system and/or police to a specific danger. Sensors are connected to a control unit. Many security sensors are used to indicate the opening of a door or window or detect motion.

CCTV camera: CCTV also known as closed circuit television camera. To use a CCTV you need a camera. The camera captures the picture that will be transmitted. Today’s cameras can recognize if a moving object is a walking person, a crawling person or a vehicle. It can also determine the color of the object.

Closed circuit television (CCTV): Is a visual surveillance system used to monitor a variety of environments. CCTV systems may operate continuously or only when required. The picture is viewed or recorded but not broadcast. Often used as part of a home security system. The system may involve a fixed communication link between camera(s) and monitors.

Electronic Surveillance: An electronic device, such as a television, digital video recorder or video camera, which is used to monitor activity or other changing information from a distance. Often used to enhance security of property and valuables as well as to detect or prevent crime.

Home alarm: A warning device that, when triggered is designed to warn of an intruder, fire or smoke. canadian alarm systems often make up a home security system and serve to call attention to and/or send a signal to a monitoring center or first responders such as police, fire department, and ambulance.

Home Burglary: When an unauthorized person or persons enters a residence, car, office or other enclosed property for the purpose of committing an offence. Burglary itself is defined as entering an enclosed property without authorization and with intent to commit a crime such as, theft, vandalism or physical harm. The nature of the crime does not matter to be considered burglary; rather it is the intent to commit a crime that matters. The type of burglary determines the degree of the crime.

Remote home security: Is a way for residents to quickly and easily activate their home security alarm system from a distance with the simple push of a button. Some home surveillance security packages provide constant remote monitoring access via the web by a professional security company. Remote home monitoring can be a phone call made directly to your cell phone that alerts you when an alarm is triggered. Advanced home security systems are connected to a professional monitoring service that receives the alerts and will then contact the proper authorities on your behalf.

Security system: an electrical device that sets off an alarm and notifies, residents, authorities and security center once a sensor is triggered such as in the case of a possible burglar, intrusion, fire, or other safety monitoring.

Cctv Security Cameras Oakville: Take Video Surveillance System For Security Of YOur Property

Surveillance Access control systems are physical and electronic systems which allow the organizations to handle ease of access area and assets in the given physical facility or computer-based information system. Access control product is thought necessary to have the ability to maintain and secure the non-public information in the organization, to be able to provide security for the equipment. Access control system and Video Surveillance System Oakville is built to control security restricting which clients are permitted to take advantage of assets on the pc.

Organizations have sensitive data and security is imperative, particularly for individual’s organizations which handle sensitive data and would like to maintain their data confidentially. Access control system might be given in the location while offering a specific identity to each user, while a crook administrator can provide the access privileges for the employees, using designs within the administration software. High Security Group might be Britain’s premier service for business and residential security systems, delivering products and services for the finest standards and delivering items to search for.

To be sure the amount of security within the organizations, many physical access control systems and Cctv Security Cameras Oakville is controlled by electronic ones. For instance a door might be unlocked with electronic card site visitors, RFIDs, hands geometry models, fingerprint checking products, keypads, and balanced magnetic switches. Every one of these access control technologies needed a distinctive multiplexing system plus some redundant servers, and then when an unusual entry happened inside the system, the server can easily find out the area and character in the problem.

Usage of Alarm Guard Security Systems

Alarm Guard Security is an ADT redestributor based in Toronto that provides its customers with state-of-the-art ADT security alarms. Alarm Guard Security is Canada’s most trusted name home security because it offers all Canadian residents the power to protect their families through low-cost security solutions, real-time customer support, and custom installation of equipment.

Home Invasion

The most important aspect of a security alarm system is the detection and prevention of burglary and home invasion. Alarm Guard Security provides this service via state-of-the-art surveillance technology that can be activated and deactivated in a matter of seconds, 24/7 technical support, and 24/7 real-time monitoring to alert both the customer and the local authorities whenever there is a potential threat.

While the security system itself will deter intruders from entering a secure home and will sound an alarm if an intruder does enter the home, ADT personnel are always standing by to check in on the home owner and alert the authorities if a threat exists.

Fire/Smoke Detection

In addition to home invasion, Alarm Guard security systems are designed to monitor fires and smoke levels throughout a customer’s home to ensure that all residents are safe from any potential dangers. Carbon monoxide, grease fires, and toxic fumes can all be detected and prevented with Alarm Guard security systems.

Video Surveillance

Alarm Guard Security offers its clients real-time video surveillance options that allow them to monitor home and/or business from anywhere in the world. Alarm Guard Security provides its customers with digital video security cameras that can be accessed from the Internet, which makes them accessible from any browser-enabled device, including smartphones. Alarm Guard Security provides video surveillance solutions to Mississauga, Hamilton, and in the Brampton area as well as Toronto and its surrounding areas.

Access Control

In addition to protection against home invasion, fire, smoke, and toxic chemicals through video surveillance, motion detection, and triggered alarms, Alarm Guard Security also provides its customers with access control solutions that can actively prevent unauthorized individuals from gaining access to a building or computer system.

Access control systems are very powerful and use complex security algorithms to lock a door or shut down a computer system during specified hours or to specified individuals and are also capable of recognizing personnel through fingerprint scanners, optical scanners, or simple PIN combinations. While their access control solutions range in complexity and price, Alarm Guard Security has what every business needs to prevent the loss of data, property, and lives.

Miscellaneous Services

All Alarm Guard Security customers have access to a two-way intercom that can be used anywhere in a home or office building to contact an ADT dispatcher in real-time. Alarm Guard Security also provides free in-home security evaluations to new customers to help them determine what kind of security solutions are best for them. Alarm Guard Security customers can also receive a free $850 value security system for free with the purchase of any alarm monitoring service at $33/month for 36 months and a $99 installation charge.

Canada’s First Military Video Surveillance Satellite Unveiled

OTTAWA – Defense Minister Peter MacKay will give Sapphire, Canada’s first military satellite, the official send-off Thursday at the David Florida Laboratory, where it underwent final tests before a planned launch in December. National Defense describes Sapphire as the largest part of the CCTV Surveillance Systems Toronto, intended to increase “space situational awareness.” Sapphire will be used to support Canadian and international operations, as well as bilateral commitments such as NORAD.

The meter-long satellite, weighing about 150 kilograms, will track man-made objects and space debris that could pose threats to other satellites. With a life expectancy of at least five years, Sapphire will be placed in a polar synchronous orbit some 800 kilometers above Earth. The satellite will detect more objects with better accuracy than specialized radars or telescopes on the ground.

Sapphire is scheduled for launch on an Indian rocket. It was supposed to be launched earlier this year with NEOSSat, another Canadian satellite. But the launch was pushed back because work on an Indo-French satellite, the rocket’s primary payload, was delayed.

Microsat Systems Canada Inc. build NEOSSat, short for Near-Earth Object Surveillance Satellite. The Canadian Space Agency says NEOSSat is the world’s first space-based telescope dedicated to detecting and tracking asteroids and satellites. It will scan space near the sun to pinpoint asteroids that may someday pass near our planet.

Sapphire will also contribute to the United States Space Surveillance Network, which currently tracks more than 22,000 pieces of space debris larger than 10 centimeters. There are another estimated 100,000 pieces of debris between one and 10 centimeters in size. Even the smallest objects have the potential to seriously damage or destroy a satellite, which could potentially lead to the loss of millions of dollars.

The U.S. space CCTV Video Surveillance network keeps a catalogue of space objects that is used by about 20,000 users in more than 130 countries.